Yost Bench Vise Evaluation: Is It Worth It?

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All-purpose bench vises—the hefty cast-iron kind your grandpa could have had placed on a bench in his garage—come in handy for holding products such as bars, pipelines, and also axes. They are usually made use of to grasp such things for welding, developing, and also a host of various other jobs, yet they’re not fantastic for woodworking considering that their serrated iron jaws have a tendency to leave imprints in timber.

For furnishings manufacturers and also do it yourself woodworkers, a marked woodworking vise is required since it holds boards and also slabs without leaving imprints. I lately evaluated the Yost Woodworking Vise together with a number of various other sorts of bench vises. It carried out well adequate to make a place in our finest bench vise schedule, and also it should have a much more extensive testimonial right here.

The Yost Woodworking Vise: At a Look

Yost Bench Vise Review

Image: Glenda Taylor

Ranking: 8.95/10


  • Features openings for connecting custom-fabricated timber jaw linings
  • Includes a quick-release bar that speeds up jaw modification to conserve time
  • Flexible pet enables customers to safely hold broader boards for fining sand or planing


  • Not appropriate for hefty shop-type usage as a result of its smooth jaw surface areas
  • Placing the woodworking vise calls for setting up screws in all-time low of the workbench
  • Bench deal with gets on the slim side and also would certainly take advantage of being thicker

Obtain the Yost Woodworking Bench Vise at:

What is the Yost Woodworking Vise?

The Yost woodworking vise is a smooth-jaw vise developed for installing to a workbench’s leading edge (face) to safely hold boards while the customer is reducing, fining sand, or transmitting. Like many vises, it includes 2 jaws that tighten up through a screw deal with. Its placement at the front of the workbench enables customers to do woodworking jobs pleasantly—no requirement to pressure or lean over the bench to access the board.

The Yost woodworking vise is a 9-inch vise, implying the size of its steel jaw layers procedures 9 inches back and forth. It open up to a max of 10.25 inches, making it well fit for holding huge boards. Along with readjusting the jaws with the screw deal with, I valued the vise’s quick-release bar, which permitted me to rapidly draw the jaws apart or press them with each other. This is a time-saver. I made use of the bar to relocate the jaws to the approximate place—and afterwards it took simply 1 or 2 turns of the screw deal with to adjust the jaw placement.

Yost Bench Vise Review

Image: Glenda Taylor

What is associated with setting up the vise?

The vise didn’t included screws, which is to be anticipated since producers don’t recognize the density of the bench customers will certainly be bolting the vise to—and also some customers might favor certain screws. I selected 5/16-inch carriage screws since I didn’t desire the heads of the screws to hold up over the workbench’s surface area. Carriage screws are developed for countersinking, so they’re an excellent alternative to stop blockages externally of the workbench.

It wasn’t challenging to set up the Yost vise—it takes simply 4 screws to protect the vise’s screw system to the bottom of the bench. I transformed the vise upside-down in the place where I intended to install it, noted the 4 openings with a pencil, and afterwards pierced top-down openings. This is the most basic method to install the vise, and also it functions fantastic. The option—attempting to hold the vise on the bottom of the bench and also pierce from all-time low—is far more complex, and also it’s unneeded.

I after that put the carriage devour with the openings and also placed the vise on the bottom of the workbench. The screws fit flawlessly. I turned nuts on the screws and also tightened them with an outlet wrench. The tightening up procedure attracts the heads of the carriage screws downward so they don’t prolong over the workbench surface area. After it was set up, the vise prepared to begin screening.

Will the Yost vise leave imprints on timber?

The distinction in between an all-round vise and also the Yost woodworking vise hinges on the layout of its jaw plates. Unlike an all-round vise that includes serrated jaws for clutching pipelines and also steel products, a woodworking vise features smooth jaws that are much less most likely to harm boards.

I tightened up a number of lengthy and also brief oak, want, and also cedar boards in the vise. I cranked hard on the screw deal with to place as much stress as feasible on the boards—even more pressure than I would generally make use of to hold them for transmitting or reducing. When I launched the jaws, the only board that came away with a really pale imprint was the cedar board, which is a rather soft timber. The oak and also want boards did disappoint any kind of inscribing.

The Yost’s layout supplies added insurance coverage versus inscribing—it features openings inside its jaw plates for connecting custom-made jaw linings. I made my very own collection of jaw linings from 16-inch-long cedar boards. After that, making use of screws, I connected one inside each jaw. With my jaw linings in position, I placed one more cedar board in the vise and also tightened it as high as feasible. When I launched the jaws, there were no imprints whatsoever. Making your very own jaw linings is optional, yet many specialist woodworkers utilize them since they include one more degree of defense for the timber.

Yost Bench Vise Review

Image: Glenda Taylor

Is the Yost vise appropriate for usages besides woodworking?

The Yost bench vise can be made use of in a pinch to hold various other products as long as the products have level sides. I utilized it to secure an area of square steel barrier, and also the vise held company as I pierced openings in the steel.

I would certainly prevent attempting to secure irregular-size products, such as rounded pipelines that can harm the jaw’s smooth surface area if the vise is overtightened. In our much more considerable bench vise examinations, we made use of a number of versatile vises to hold pipelines while we turned off stuck-on installations with a wrench. That’s most likely also hostile a use for this woodworking vise.

However I wouldn’t wait to utilize it for light-duty gripping, such as holding various other level things like sheet steel, drywall, or plastic panels for reducing or forming.

Yost Bench Vise Review

Image: Glenda Taylor

Is the Yost woodworking vise appropriate for bigger jobs?

The Yost vise isn’t developed for durable usage, so don’t anticipate it to hold huge hardwoods. Nevertheless, customers can protect boards broader than the optimum jaw opening by utilizing the flexible pet in the vise’s external jaw. A “pet” is woodworker terminology for something added that aids protect the board in position. On the Yost vise, the pet is a flexible steel bar that prolongs upwards. It’s developed to be made use of with a bench quit (not consisted of).

I developed a basic bench visit screwing down a block of timber to the facility of my workbench, and afterwards I placed a vast, level board in between the bench quit and also the pet. With a couple of cranks of the vise’s deal with screw, I can snug the board strongly in between the pet and also the quit while I directed the board’s sides and also sanded it.

Is the Yost woodworking vise right for you?

Those trying to find a vise for a timber store will likely be pleased with the Yost woodworking vise. I discovered it tough, long lasting, and also functional adequate to accomplish a lot of the usages I have for a woodworking vise. It’s not an auto mechanic’s vise, so don’t anticipate it to do dual obligation. Its toughness hinges on holding most sorts of timber while maintaining them without undesirable imprints and also altering.

The capacity to include custom-fabricated timber jaw linings places it over the leading and also transforms it right into an expert woodworker’s device, and also the quick-release bar is a benefit for conserving time. For me, one of the most functional plus was Yost’s flexible pet, which permitted me to hold vast boards strongly in between the pet and also the bench quit.

Where to Get the Yost Woodworking Bench Vise

Obtain the Yost Woodworking Bench Vise at:

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